Welcome to AWBarrels.com ~ Authentic Wine Barrel Furniture and More

Unique recycled oak wine barrel accessories for the wine lover who has everything!

Please browse through the many different items that we have.  All items are hand made from recycled wine barrels imported from the California Wine Country.  Each stave is sanded back to the original wood to show the wonderful wood grain, highlighting where the metal bands that once held the barrel together were, and then sealed with urethane.  The underside is stained from the wine previously held in the barrel.  Each one is individually unique – no one stave is the same – there are lots of variations in color, grain and dimension.

If you see an item you are interested in please contact us for a quote or stop in to Rimann Liquors where all items are available year round.

Contact Info:

Email:  AWBarrels@yahoo.com

Rimann Liquors:  http://www.rimannliquors.com


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